Lotto Outlet Application

Note: Info dated year 2009

List of Requirements for Lotto Outlet Application:

A. Must be:
1. Filipino Citizen
2. At least 21 years old

B. Proposed site must be:
1. 100 meters away from schools/place of earning and places of worship, subject to PCSO's policies and existing rules, except if the location is enclosed or a shopping center.
2. Good human traffic, i.e. situated in commercial or busy intersections/areas. The location of terminal/booth should be strategic if within a mall or superstore.
3. Must meet the required distance meters away from any existing lotto outlet which will be subject to PCSO's sales market evaluation and of existing outlets.
a. National Capital Region - 100m
b. Southern Tagalog and Bicol Region - 200 - 250m
c. Northern and Central Luzon - 200 - 250m
4. The area does not get flooded.
5. Floor space of 8-9 sq. meters of available business counter measuring at leat 1.0m x 0.5m.
6. Preferable with at least one (1) telephone facility, landline or cellular, fort hotline operations. Such telephone (esp. landline) should be situated at no more than one (1) meter form the proposed terminal location.
7. In cases of malls or superstores, the lottery location need not be enclosed provided there is security of operation, esp. after store hours. Enclosed (for security purposes) but with frontage from human traffic/entry. Frontpage must face main road o to the direction or major traffic flow.
8. Dry floor space and proper ventilation (preferably airconditioned).

C. Fill up Letter of Intent

Required Fees for Approved Agent
1. Processing Fee - P1,700.00
2. Installation Fee - P10,000.00
Telecomms carrier: pldt/smart, globe, digitel,bayantel
3. Bond
a. Surety Bond (Premium) - P5,795.37(Annually) Or b. Cash bond - P500,000.00

For other inquiries:
Please call Licensing and Processing Division of the Central Operations Department at the following numbers:
781-19-01 local 214
781-97-01 local 214
781-19-19 local 214

Documents required for approved applicant:
1. On-Line Lottery Data Sheet
2. Three (3) latest ID pictures (2 x 2)
3. Three (3) latest ID pictures (2 x 2) of Spouse
4. Proof of Identification:
Photocopy of front and back portion of a valid ID with photo and signature such as TIN/SSS/GSIS other government issued ID; Passport, Drivers license, PRC ID
5. Proof of Income:
6. Proof of Ownership/Lease of Outlet
For Owner
a. Land Title or TCT
For Lessee:
a. Contract of Lease (Notarized)
b. Building Owner's Authorization Form
7. NBI Clearance (Current)
8. Brgy. Clearance (Personal Record)
9. Photograph of Vicinity, Building & Interior

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